Committees, Task Forces, Work Groups, Etc.

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Most active sangha committees, task forces, work groups, etc. are listed below. However, this may not be a complete list or it may be out of date. Please contact if you see needed changes.

Committee/Group Contact Email/Phone More ...
Bhavana Dana Presenters Tam Saimons
The committee develops leadership and presentation skills within the sangha to implement Thursday and Sunday evening programs consistent with the core curriculum. The committee also schedules presenters for Thursday and Sunday evenings.
Board Any board member See current board. We elect a few new members every September when a few others rotate off the board. Please consider volunteering for the board. It is a valuable and much appreciated service to the sangha and a great way to get involved. See Non-Profit Corporation for more details about serving on the board.
Core Curriculum Kempton Lindquist
The committee develops and maintains a curriculum of the core teachings of the Buddha, as reflected in the Theravada tradition, as a guide for sangha activities. The committee also coordinates scheduling of Thursday and Sunday evening topics.
Education Siva Challa
The education committee coordinates kalyana mitta and other study groups as well as other activities.
Email Mark Steele
The sangha email moderator and his/her backup person keep the sangha informed about activities and let people know about the opportunity to sign up for the sangha email lists.
Finance Sarah Schwartz
The committee works with the board to generate the annual budget, set financial policies, etc.
Potlucks Christine Hall
See Community Potlucks.
Recordings Tiska Blankenship
We record many teacher dharma talks from our Thursday nights and retreats. See Dharma Recordings for talks currently available on our website.
Retreat/Residency Mark Pugsley
The committee's purpose is to plan, schedule, and organize sangha-sponsored residential retreats and teacher residencies. The committee also approves and/or coordinates our non-residential Half-Day Retreats and Day Retreats.
Study Classes Valerie Roth
See Saturday Classes.
Tape/CD Library Ken Munoz
See Dharma Recordings (scroll down to Tape/CD Library section).
Website Sarah Schwartz
Please notify the web master if you see any missing or incorrect information on the web site.

Handy Links for Committee People:
Guidelines, Forms, and Policies
How Tos

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