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You can listen to a talk by clicking on the talk title. You can download the talk file by right-clicking on the link and selecting the appropriate option from the menu that will appear. If you have any problems listening to or downloading any talk, please notify webmaster@abqsangha.org.

For some talks, topics have not yet been determined. If you can provide a title for any talk, we'd greatly appreciate your letting us know. You can send the info in an email to the above email address.

Gloria Taraniya Ambrosia
10/23/2008 Four Foundations of Mindfulness Talk 1 Residency/Thursday Night
10/30/2008 Four Foundations of Mindfulness Talk 2 Residency/Thursday Night
11/06/2008 Four Foundations of Mindfulness Talk 3 Residency/Thursday Night
11/13/2008 Four Foundations of Mindfulness Talk 4 Residency/Thursday Night
09/09/2010 Attachment to Sense Pleasure Residency/Thursday Night
09/16/2010 Attachment to Rites and Rituals Residency/Thursday Night
09/26/2010 Samadhi Residency/Half-Day Retreat
09/30/2010 Attachment to Self Residency/Thursday Night
Venerable Dhammadina
11/03/2011 Dharma in Daily Moments Thursday Night
Stephen Batchelor
10/15/2009 The Lay Buddhist Thursday Night
10/16/2009 Entering the Stream Part 1 Day Workshop
10/16/2009 Entering the Stream Part 2 Day Workshop
10/16/2009 Entering the Stream Part 3 Day Workshop
10/16/2009 Entering the Stream Part 4 Day Workshop
Susie Harrington
12/08/2011 Awakening and Cultivation of the Path Thursday Night
12/10/2011 Introduction, and Impermanence Day Retreat
12/10/2011 Equanimity Day Retreat
Eric Kolvig
03/14/1994 Taking Refuge Sangha Visit
03/24/1994 Joy Sangha Visit
03/31/1994 Shadow Sangha Visit
11/15/2002 Awareness Without Judgment Thursday Night
11/04/2004 Taking Refuge After the Election Thursday Night
11/04/2004 Questions & Answers Thursday Night
10/27/2006 Intention Retreat
10/29/2006 Where Is Awareness to Be Found? Retreat
10/20/2007 The Why and What Talk Retreat
10/22/2007 Awareness and Love Retreat
12/04/2008 The Cause and End of Suffering Thursday Night
01/22/2009 Throwing Down a $20 Bill and Picking Up a Nickel Thursday Night
02/19/2009 Cultivating Our Individual Happiness Through Skillful Speech Thursday Night
06/25/2009 No Self Thursday Night
07/30/2009 Awakening from the Deam of Suffering Thursday Night
09/24/2009 Do You Know Your Surest Life Intention? Thursday Night
10/03/2009 Opening to Reality Retreat
10/05/2009 Healing Wounds With Loving Kindness Retreat
10/29/2009 Concerns for the Next Generation Thursday Night
11/05/2009 Turning Towards What Is Real Thursday Night
12/04/2009 Comprehensive View of Practice and Teachings Thursday Night
03/04/2010 Master Your Mind Part 1 Thursday Night
03/11/2010 Master Your Mind Part 2 Thursday Night
03/18/2010 Master Your Mind Part 3 Thursday Night
03/25/2010 Master Your Mind Part 4 Thursday Night
10/28/2010 Ascent: Joy Thursday Night
11/04/2010 Descent: Pain Thursday Night
11/11/2010 Peace at the End: Equanimity Thursday Night
11/18/2010 Beyond the End: The Deathless, Compassion, Return Thursday Night
Brian Lesage
03/05/2009 The Triple Jewel: Buddha Residency/Thursday Night
03/12/2009 The Triple Jewel: Dhamma Residency/Thursday Night
03/14/2009 Taking Refuge and Resting in Awareness Residency/Day Retreat
03/14/2009 Questions & Answers Residency/Day Retreat
03/19/2009 The Triple Jewel: Sangha Residency/Thursday Night
05/14/2009 Awakening Through the Wisdom of Our Bodies Thursday Night
06/04/2009 Faith and Devotion Thursday Night
09/10/2009 The Ethics of Buddhism Thursday Night
12/10/2009 Our Relationship to Thinking Thursday Night
10/22/2009 Our Relationship to Time Thursday Night
02/18/2010 Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness: The Five Hindrances Thursday Night
02/25/2010 Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness: The Five Aggregates Thursday Night
04/29/2010 Right Speech Part 1 Thursday Night
05/06/2010 Right Speech Part 2 Thursday Night
07/29/2010 Our Relationship to the Stories of Buddhism Thursday Night
02/17/2011 Equanamity Thursday Night
10/06/2011 Healing and Awakening Thursday Night
10/27/2011 Family and Lineage Thursday Night
02/16/2012 Emptiness Thursday Night
06/07/2012 Faith and Confidence on the Spiritual Path Thursday Night
10/18/2012 Our Relationship to Money Thursday Night
DaeJa Napier
02/05/2009 The Role of Noble Kindness Thursday Night
06/27/2009 The Paramis Day Retreat
06/27/2009 The Paramis Questions & Answers Day Retreat
02/02/2012 The Paramis Thursday Night
Jason Siff
Apr/May 2008 Audio Recordings (courtesy of Skillful Meditation Project) Residency
Ajahn Thanasanti
08/10/2009 Three Refuges Sangha Visit
08/10/2009 Three Refuges Questions & Answers Sangha Visit
08/11/2009 Dana, Sila, and Bhavana Sangha Visit
08/11/2009 Dana, Sila, and Bhavana Questions & Answers Sangha Visit
08/12/2009 Dana Ceremony Sangha Visit
12/31/2009 Sitting With the Body in Mind Retreat
12/31/2009 Metta-Kindness Retreat
12/31/2009 Metta as Mindfulness Retreat
01/01/2010 Karuna-Compassion Retreat
01/01/2010 Mudita-Joy Retreat
01/01/2010 Questions & Answers Retreat
01/02/2010 Upekkha-Equanimity Retreat
01/02/2010 Metta-Karuna Retreat
01/02/2010 Questions & Answers Retreat
01/03/2010 The Art of Happiness Sunday Night
03/05/2011 Balance and Awareness Retreat
03/05/2011 Vedana (Feelings) Retreat
03/05/2011 Questions & Answers SELF and self Retreat
03/06/2011 Reflection Retreat
03/06/2011 Discussion/Questions & Answers Retreat
Lila Kate Wheeler
10/28/2006 Turning on the Light Retreat
10/30/2006 Self Hatred and Self Love Retreat
10/21/2007 Love and Awareness Retreat
10/23/2007 Emptiness Retreat

CDs of Recordings from AVS

Matt Flickstein: Talks from Matt Flickstein's January 2008 retreat in Albuquerque are available on an MP3 compact disk. You can play the disk on a CD player that handles MP3 files (some do, most don't) or you can transfer the files to a computer and play there or transfer to an iPod or MP3 player. The disk is available for $12. If you would like a copy, contact webmaster@abqsangha.org. These talks can also be borrowed from the sangha tape/cd library (see info below).

Matt Flickstein: Matt Flickstein's March 23, 2006, dharma talk for AVS, The Seven Concentric Circles of Spiritual Development, is available for checkout through the sangha tape library. See below for details. A one-page outline of the talk is available as well. See Sandy Lee on Thursday evenings or send email to sleecs.unm.edu.

Tara Brach and James Baraz: Recordings from our April 2005 retreat with Tara Brach and James Baraz are available from Dharma Seed. You can request these by phone at 800-969-7333. Tara Brach: Radical Acceptance, 04/23/05, and The Boddhisattva Path, 04/25/05. James Baraz: Foundations of Practice, 04/22/05, and Wise Intention, 04/24/05. These can also be borrowed from the sangha tape/cd library (see below).

Tape/CD Library

The sangha has a small tape/CD library of talks by approximately 50 teachers. Most of these talks were not given at AVS. All tapes and CDs are donated by sangha members.

Speakers: Please see Tape/CD Library Index by Teacher.
How: View the collection and pick the talks you'd like to hear then contact Ken Munoz at zonum.nmgmail.com or 891-3465 to arrange a Thursday night to get them. All talks are available on cassette tape, unless otherwise indicated.
Loan Period: 4 weeks. Members are requested to return borrowed items within this time limit. You can contact Ken (see phone and email below) to arrange a way to return your items. If you have had a recording out for more than a month, please try to listen to it and return it soon so that others may also enjoy it. Thanks!
Suggested Limit: 1 or 2 at a time.
Talk Donations: Audio materials on cassette or CD are most welcome! Please label with teacher name and subject of the talk. The date and length of the talk are also useful information and can be noted on the box label. Extra storage boxes and inserts are also needed.
Contact: For more information, contact Ken Munoz at zonum.nmgmail.com or 891-3465.

Other Audio Resources