The Consensus Collective

The Consensus Collective is not active at this time. However, this page provides information about the purpose and prior activities of the group.

Sangha members, working together to develop a consensus process for the sangha, met for the first time on May 25, 2002, and formulated the following structure:

Our name:
The Consensus Collective

Our purpose:
1) To develop, through practice and feedback from sangha meetings, a consensus process that is alive, inclusive and simple.
2) To develop a pool of facilitators who will lead sangha meetings.

Seven methods that we will explore:
Quakers method, Baha'i method, Nonviolent Communication (Rosenberg), Intervention Skills (Reddy), Temperature Reading (Satir), Motivational Interviewing (Miller), and books and articles on consensus

Current members of the collective:
Christine Hall, Fred Herman, Hilary Heyl, Bonnie Kelly, Judith Kidd, Suzanne Kryder, Mary Roy, Suzanne Sluizer. Membership in the group will be closed for 6 months to allow us to strengthen our focus.

Form for proposal to the general membership for a decision by consensus:
Here is a form developed by the Consensus Collective.

Workshop and potluck - April 12:
Open to all sangha members. See Consensus Collective Workshop.

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Jul 2002 Meeting: original Word DOC converted to HTML
Sep 2002 Meeting: original Word DOC converted to HTML
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Jan 2003 Meeting: in HTML  

For more information:
Send email to Suzanne Kryder at